Body Therapy

Body Massage

We offer several relaxing massage treatments. Please look over our menu. All of our body treatments aim to decrease stress, relieve tension, and leave you feeling light and refreshed.

Body Massage

                             Body Massage


Swedish Full Body Massage – 60 minutes $120

Relax both your mind and body. This invigorating massage treatment is wonderful for relaxing tense muscles.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage – 60 minutes $120
Aromatherapy is a practice that is suitable for all. It is used to treat a variety of ailments. Enjoy the added benefits of the inhalation of essential oils during the treatment.  
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – 60 minutes $120

Great for stress relief, this massage focuses on the back, neck and shoulders. Gentle pressure will be applied to release tension and stimulate the nervous system.

 Foot Massage –  30 – 60 minutes $55 – $95

Heal your whole body via the feet with this foot treatment. Massage techniques within the reflexology sequence and a combination of gentle pressure will sedate nerve endings and generate a deep, tranquil relaxation.

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